Don't let slow days
hurt restaurant profits!

Improve sales and profits with just-in-time promotions and offers

How can BistroDeals help?

BistroDeal’s Promotions Management and Delivery System can set you on the path to better profitability.   With BistroDeals you can:

  • Schedule daily/weekly promotions that are delivered to customers on slow days.
  • Schedule holiday promotions for the entire year.
  • Deliver your promotion/offer to customers through multiple channels: smartphone, facebook, twitter, yelp, web site.
  • Compare how well customers responded to various promotions/offers.  Experiment easily with different offers and determine what works best.
  • Create and manage a customer referral program to attract new customers in your neighborhood.
  • Create and manage a loyalty program for customers.
  • Create and manage a ‘Customer Subscription Program’.  Customers pay you a subscription fee (that you set) in exchange for an arbitrary discount (that you set) on all of their orders .

Benefits of using BistroDeals

Increase sales

A couple of slow days per week amounts to nearly 100 days of lost opportunities every year.  Timely and targeted promotions help bring in more customer orders on these days.  

A few more orders on each slow day can mean thousands of dollars in increased sales for the year.

Our ROI is more than 3000%.  Its easy to get started and very effective.

Lisa W, Atlanta

Enhance customer relations and loyalty

90% of your promotions through BistroDeals are read within a few minutes of receiving them.  Engage customers with meaningful, fantastic daily offers or a promotion once or twice a week.

Our customers very much appreciate the offers they receive every Monday.  Its a different one every week.

Jack Tanner, San Francisco

Stay ahead of the competition

Every time customers step out for lunch or dinner, make sure they have an incentive to come to you and not go to your competitor.

With so many choices in the neighborhood, BistroDeals helps you stay ahead of your competition.

I am glad none of our 4 competing restaurants know about BistroDeals yet.

Alex D, Nashville

Save time and money

You don't have time for marketing?  Tired of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing with little or no return on investment (ROI) to show?

Set up BistroDeals in minutes.  Then spend a few minutes every month adjusting your promotions and settings.

Our weekly promotions are on auto-pilot.  We continue to see a few more orders than before on slow days every week.

John H, Denver

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4 Simple Steps To Get You Started With BistroDeals

Create an account

Takes 1-2 minutes to set up a BistroDeals account.
Credit card is not required.

Encourage customers to subscribe to your promotions

Customers download BistroDeals app and subscribe to receive your promotions.

Set up promotions

Set up 2-3 promotions.
Takes a few minutes.

Schedule delivery of promotions

Which are your slowest 2-3 days of the week?  Schedule delivery of promotions on those days.
Takes 1-2 minutes.

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